Should You Be a Vegetarian?

The three reasons that I have made above are actually not really valid reasons and I will explain why now.
When we figured out how to eat meat we then became human and compared to something like a chimp we developed much larger brains and much smaller digestive systems. This is how we became human and not just animals. This is because the meat products are so nutritious and helped us develop at a faster rate than ever before. There is no doubt that mechanically and physiologically from our teeth all the way to the other end we are made to eat meat.
Vegetarians and especially vegans are very often depressed and lacking in energy. If this isn’t the case then they are likely heading in that direction. This again is due to the nutrients that animal products gives us that crops can’t. Tryptophan is the precursor to serotonin so every single bit of serotonin in the body came from eating tryptophan. Serotonin is often called the happy hormone as it helps maintain a happy feeling and seems to help keep our moods under control by helping with sleep, calming, anxiety and relieving depression. Another one of its important uses is to control food cravings. So a shortage of serotonin will make the brain and the body scream for the foods that create more serotonin. These are high calorie, carbohydrate-rich snacks that will make you fat, unhappy and ill. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid which means that our bodies can not make it, you must eat it. There are no good sources of tryptophan in plants. All plant protein comes wrapped in cellulose and we cannot digest cellulose. So even if you did find a plant with large quantities of tryptophan then we would struggle to digest the protein. Tryptophan is in animal products.
Plants can not scream so we don’t know that they are fighting back. Just one of the ways that they are fighting back is by making themselves poisonous by using phytates. Phytates are chemicals inside seeds off all kinds, including grains. They will bind with minerals in the human digestive tract so that you can not digest the minerals and they pass out the other end. You see this serious mineral deficiency in many parts of the world where they eat very high quantities of grains and this shows by them being much shorter as a population than they should be. Things like sourdough bread have been fermented which can disable the phytates and allow you to digest the minerals again.
There are no animal sources of vitamin B12. There are vegans with permanently damaged eyes, hearing and central nervous systems (brain and spinal cord) by not getting vitamin B12. The next best thing for them is to supplement with a synthetic form as a tablet but even if this does work out for you, you have to ask yourself if it is compulsory to supplement because a vegan diet does not provide the human body with what it needs should you be eating vegan at all? Also, the synthesized vitamin B12 is made from yeast which is a living creature so now by definition you are not a vegan!
Many vegetarians eat a lot of soy thinking that it’s health food. This really is not the case. Soy is one of the least edible plants for humans and has never been consumed in the huge quantities that it is being consumed today. Soy is a goitrogen which means that it will damage your thyroid which among many other things will make you fat. Soy also contains phytoestrogens which will interfere with the hormone systems in humans and all animals. Phytoestrogens in the diet have the potential to cause infertility and promote breast cancer in women.
Topsoil is the top 6 inches of soil and this is the most biologically active of all soil. By 1950 we were pretty much depleted in topsoil as being biologically active. This should have meant that we couldn’t have grown crops and population should have decreased. What happened instead was the green revolution. Scientists figured out how to make fertilizer from fossil fuel. And that’s what we have been eating ever since. That’s where the nitrogen comes from to grow these plants.
When we take a piece of land to grow crops on, we clear every living thing off it including the current trees and plants, animals and even the thriving biotic communities are gone. We are not talking about a farmer clearing a field and growing some crops, entire forests have been completely destroyed to make the place for crops. So when vegetarians say they don’t like animals to be killed you have to think of the method of growing the food that vegetarians eat. It actually kills the animals and everything that used to live in the now cleared area. A way of life that is destroying the bases of life itself is never going to be sustainable.
Plants eat dead animals! They need a urine, blood meal, and bone meal and manure. So if you are eating crops that have been sprayed with manure, are you advertising the way the animals are being kept as you are using something that has come from them? You can eat an animal directly or you can pass an animal through a plant and then eat it. There are always animals involved in this progress and you can not remove animals from this equation. You have to accept that there is a cycle which can not be broken and it basically means that you will eventually eat animals.
Plants need to be eaten. In the wild, if there are not animals grazing on the plants then some plants will outgrow others and create too much shade for the plants beneath them and then create bare patches between them which erodes and then finally ends with everything dying. So you need the animals on the land grazing but if you do not eat the animals then there will be other problems.
When an animal does not have a predator their population get too high and this is not sustainable. This has happened on islands very quickly where there are no predators and the dears get introduced to the island one way or another. Within a few generations the place is nothing but sand as the dears have eaten everything and then the dears die anyway. Another place this is also happening is in the northeast of America where the dears are destroying forests and stopping young trees from growing.
One interesting thing that you have to remember is that the topsoil ultimately eats us all. And then we are taken up by the plants as nutrients and eaten again.
Lastly, it is often quoted by vegetarians that it takes 16lbs of grain for 1lb of meat. Which I guess is true but that’s grain-fed meat. We are not supposed to be competing with cattle for grains, cattle are not supposed to be eating grains they should be eating grass. Understand that I am not promoting cattle being kept inside all year eating grain. They should be out in the fields getting sunlight, eating grass and getting exercise. However whilst numbers are being thrown around its interesting to note that it takes 250-650 gallons of water to grow 1lb of rice. This would be okay if it was just from the rain but unfortunately water is often taken from rivers to water crops which kills the water life and ruins the rivers.
So before you turn vegetarian or even if you already are a vegetarian, it just doesn’t make sense to not research exactly what you are doing. This article is extremely short and has a lot of facts and information on this subject cut out to get on the internet and make a sensible, educated choice about what you put into your bodies.

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