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Posts published in “Day: September 16, 2022

How do you obtain your paternity rights?

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Although it doesn’t happen often, there are men who have a desire to become fathers and have found themselves involved in complicated legal processes to obtain their parental rights. Men often Google “legal DNA testing near me” when they can’t find a solid solution to their problem. These are men who want to take responsibility for their children even though they don’t get along with the mother. In fact, many of these men don’t hesitate for a second to celebrate when they find out they are going to be fathers and even buy a home gender test to find out if their baby will be male or female. If you are one of these men, you must go through a tedious legal process before you can celebrate. Although there is a lot of useful information available today it is always advisable to have the guidance of a professional lawyer.

Why is the intervention of a judge required?

There are couples who are mature enough to separate their problems from their responsibilities. For example, if the woman accepts that her partner is the father of her baby; both can go to a public registry to record it in the baby’s birth certificate. The intervention of a judge becomes necessary when the couple cannot reach an agreement. Generally, these problems originate in the anger that the woman may have towards the man and therefore try to prevent him from acquiring his parental rights. In order to decide, the judge has to analyze the mental and economic condition of each parent. During a legal trial, the judge can decide if both parents will have joint custody of the baby or if one of them will have sole custody. The latter happens when one of the parents is not capable of taking care of their child.

Why do you need a legally valid test?

Imagine you say you are the father of a child but the mother says otherwise. Or vice versa, a woman says you are the father of her child but you deny it. Who is telling the truth? To answer this question the judge will request a certified DNA test. That means the court will appoint a qualified person to take samples to be used in a paternity test. This is done to “certify” that the samples were taken from the parents who are involved in the legal process. The judge cannot decide until he has the results of this test in his or her hands.…