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Acquiring a nationality through a sibling

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The United Nations urges countries to promote family reunification. If you have siblings with the nationality of another country, you can go to a DNA centre and ask for a DNA test to validate that you are the sibling of that person. Be aware that these procedures are complicated, time-consuming, and require the support of a professional lawyer. Your sibling must have a good immigration status in that country. In addition, they cannot have a record of having committed any kind of crime. Besides a sibling DNA test, the authorities of a country will require other documents before they can endorse your nationality. Likewise, if you have a criminal record, the country’s authorities may deny you the possibility of acquiring citizenship, even if you are the sibling of a citizen of that country.

What can you expect?

You will not know whether you are eligible for nationality until the authorities in that country carry out a review of all your documentation. Sometimes, these procedures can take years, so you may opt for temporary permits. In some countries, these temporary permits are issued more quickly if there is a process of acquiring nationality through family reunification. However, in other countries, you might not get a nationality as such but a residence permit. Unlike nationality, the residence permit is renewed every 2 to 10 years, depending on the legislation of the country. You get the same benefits as a nationality but without the condition of being permanent. In other words, if you commit a crime, the country could revoke your residence permit and expel you. Some countries, such as Canada, require that you meet certain requirements, such as having a stable job.

Seek professional advice

Some countries, such as Portugal, allow you to do the paperwork yourself. That is, they do not require you to have a lawyer. However, some public officials in these countries might take advantage of your lack of knowledge on a certain subject and do not tell you everything you need to know. If you search on social media, you might come across groups set up to advice people on how to get a nationality or a residence permit. Some people have told how they almost lost the chance to enter a country because a public official did not give them complete information. If your budget allows it, seek the advice of a professional lawyer. Try to find a lawyer with public references, as you may come across a lawyer who, instead of helping you, is only looking for charging you large amounts of money.