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Choosing the Right Terpenes in 2022

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Whether you’re looking to create your own herbal tea or simply use terpenes for medicinal purposes, there are many reputable companies that produce high-quality terpene extracts. True Extracts, Mass Terpenes, and Live Line are all good options, but you may also want to consider Humulene, or a blend of the two. If you’re not sure what each one does, then read this article for a guide to choosing the right terpene extracts for you.

True Extracts

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable source of terpenes, True Extracts terpenes for marijuana can be a great choice. They provide 300+ unique profiles and are 100% organic. The terpenes in the True Extracts line are derived from cannabis strains and other botanicals. They are also made from renewable, non-GMO resources. True Extracts terpenes are sold in a wide variety of sizes. You can buy small vials containing 2 mL of terpenes for under $10, or huge bottles of 500 mL that cost several hundred dollars.

Mass Terpenes

When you are shopping for terpenes for sale, you might be wondering where to purchase these products. Mass Terpenes is a company that produces high quality terpene profiles in small batches. They are the original creator of Terp Liquefy. To help you find the best Mass Terpenes for sale, they offer special deals and coupons for Black Friday. Listed below are some of the most popular Mass Terpenes for sale.

Live Line

For a truly fragrant, flavorful, and powerful blend, try adding live terpenes to cannabis flower. They preserve the entire spectrum of terpenes from each strain and are ideal for use in aromatherapy products, topicals, tinctures, and more. In addition to being more potent, live terpenes help maintain the structural integrity of the strain. Unlike synthetic extracts, live terpenes help produce products that are more accurate and precise.


Humulene is best known as the aroma compound that gives beer its distinctive hops aroma. It also has natural sources in ginseng, sage, sunflowers, and japanese spicebush. Its unique aroma is widely used in cooking and aromatherapy. Isolated Humulene is widely available in a variety of terpene profiles. Here are some of the benefits of Humulene for your health.


Linalool is an important terpene, found in various plants. Historically, it has been used in traditional medicine around the world. Linalool has anticonvulsant and anti-epileptic properties. Recent research shows that linalool may be useful for a variety of purposes. It is available in several forms, including tinctures, oils, and dietary supplements.


If you are looking for a safe and effective cleaning agent, look no further than D-Limonene Extract. This insoluble liquid is derived from citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. It is effective in cleaning glassware and surfaces. Just make sure to rinse the solution off with warm water and air dry it before you use it. For added benefits, consider adding limonene to your aromatherapy routine.

Humulene is an anti-inflammatory terpene

Humulene is an anti-inflammatory, terpene that has medicinal properties. It has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and shows promise as an anti-inflammatory. Some research indicates that humulene may be beneficial for pain caused by arthritis and other types of infections. In addition, studies show that humulene can reduce inflammation and fight infections caused by staph, also known as golden-staph. It may also prevent tumor growth.

Phellendrene is an anti-inflammatory terpene

Phellendrene is a chemical compound found in cannabis that is also found in a variety of food and cosmetic products. This substance has many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and pain-relieving properties. Phellendrene also has anticancer potential and is used in the manufacture of cosmetic products. Its smell is both floral and earthy, which may explain its popularity in the cannabis industry.

Linalool is an anti-inflammatory terpene

Linalool is a calming terpene found in a variety of plants. Its scent is very pleasing to the nose, making it an excellent ingredient in skincare and haircare products. However, linalool can be irritating to people with sensitive skin, and oxidized forms can cause irritation. Thankfully, linalool is generally safe when used in small amounts.