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Look Beautiful In The Expert’s View

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Experts believe that fitness and beauty care are two things that are equally important. In the past, the meaning of beauty was only understood to revolve around external factors. Even so, many people who use plastic surgery to change their physical beauty, do not care about the health risks that will be received. But now, the meaning of beauty has begun to shift and develop. Where previously the focus was only on appearance rather than personality, now the approach is far more holistic.


This concept also changes the meaning of true beauty. Now, the meaning of beauty has changed from just having a good appearance to having a fit and healthy body. People not only focus on making their appearance attractive, but also maintain a proportional weight stay healthy and make peace with oneself. I think it is very important to incorporate fitness aspects into the concept of beauty. Eating the right foods, can maintain the Body Mass Index (BMI) You stay normal and getting enough sleep should be everyone’s priority, “said Vikram Mohan, CEO of Bounce Style Lounge


After these three important things are done, he continued, the body will later show positive changes and the skin will look radiant and beautiful. Asha Jhabakh, who really likes fitness, recommends to start dedicating one hour in the morning, to do yoga or exercise regularly. This will make a big difference, during this activity, the stress will go away.


So, you can choose the exercise you like.People can choose to aerobics, swim, jog, walk or other forms of physical exercise,” he said. According to Madhan from Acme Fitness, doing just one fitness move isn’t enough. Regular exercise is equally important to help reduce the aging process. Exercising every day will help keep skin healthy and young. Daily exercise will also help strengthen muscles, good posture for a person, increase flexibility and increase metabolism.


The experts also recommend that someone also needs extra care for their skin and hair in order to improve appearance. Before using certain products, we need to understand the type of skin and choose the appropriate product. It is recommended to avoid lots of direct sun exposure to reduce tanning. Use the right sunscreen , “said Archana P, Marketing Strategy Naturals, of course you only need to visit Capelli Beauty & Barber Supplies.


For healthy hair he recommends using shampoo and conditioner regularly. Conditioner said Archana, can nourish hair and make hair strong. Also avoid washing hair with warm water, because it can make hair dry and damaged. He also recommends using natural hair oils for dry hair.